Game Go: Launch the Ball adalah game arcade sederhana yang dapat dimainkan oleh siapa saja

Cara bermainya cukup mudah, jatuhkan bola ke ember dengan melewati balok-balok rintangan
Nama game: Go: Launch the Ball

Icon game:


Versi rilis: 2.1.0

Pembuat: AgusDev

Deskripsi: what do you think about playing ball? go: launch the ball, the game made with simple but elegant game play makes the mind come back fresh, drop the ball to the bucket, it is very easy but challenging with various obstacles that hinder the fall of the ball to your target you will play again and again, try various falling positions to create a new experience and correct your mistakes, the game plays comfortably, suitable for all ages, you will play again and again anywhere through your smartphone

Ketersediaan: tersedia di playstore

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Mei 13, 2019

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